Android Apps

web aplication
Android application with products display, cart addition and checkout features, supported by Web services.
web aplication
Android application with categories, sub categories and posts with images.
web aplication
Android application with social features such as newsfeed, timeline, share, like, comment and follow.
web aplication
Android application that can track a person and provide feed which can be viewed in a website.
web aplication
Android application that captures videos, allows processing and uploads instantly.

Web Applications

web aplication
Simple Ecommerce application in Php with products display, cart addition and checkout.
web aplication
Blogging Manager
Full-fledged Blogging application with text, video and images support, author addition,
post addition, category addition and tagging features.
web aplication
Full-fledged directory applications with categories, sub categories and products with images.
web aplication
Recruitment Manager
Recruitment applications with all support for applying, evaluation (multiple choice test), technical
interview and personal interview with Email support and Admin dashboard.
web aplication
Web based billing app with both user addition and product addition.
web aplication
Inquiry Manager
Inquiry management application with proper status, admin dashboard and Email support.
web aplication
Invoice Generator
Simple invoice generation application with reporting features.