Seven factors to consider while choosing a Hosting provider

Narayanan      web-applications

Choosing the best hosting provider for your website or mobile app will definitely be a tough task for anyone. Any mistake would be really painful and expensive to rectify. Hence we have listed few factors that has to be considered before deciding on hosting provider.

The hosting providers list the specifications of the hosting clearly and that has to be studied with attention, mainly factors such as bandwidth, disk space, sub domains, databases, technical features play an important role for a website. Importantly the limitations indicated shoud be thoroughly studied.

It would be prudent to pay attention to the hardware specified by the hosting company and check whether they are using latest servers because that plays an important tole in deciding the performance and speed.

The cost of the hosting plays an important role in the hosting and there are hundreds of cheap providers who try to lure you, through their marketing gimmicks. So the price has to be viewed in relation with number of other aspects before arriving at a conclusion.

Any hosting provider will run into operational issues and during such circumstances they should provide the best technical support that can help us in resolving the issues quickly and efficiently. Lack of proper support from the provider will increase anxiety,stress and result in loss of reputation,revenue and visitors.

It is necessary to research the reviews provided by the existing customers of the hosting company in various channels such as blogs, social media, websites and online forums. That would help in forming an opinion about the hosting company's credibility, trust and stability.

Control Panel
The control panel(cpanel or plesk) software provided by the hosting company plays an important role as that needs to be user friendly for a person to easily perform his tasks, monitor the stats and do modifications whenever needed.

You may require email addresses to be created at your domain for business purposes, your hosting company should provide sufficient options for the same and features such as auto responders, email forwarding are also very important.

If you carefully analyze the above factors and choose the right hosting provider, you can peacefully run the website without any hassles.