Eight steps to increase website speed and efficiency

Kumar      web-applications

Visitors to any website would invariably look for faster loading of the web pages and it becomes an important function of the website owner to optimize the wesbite and achieve the maximum loading speed, hence let us look at few steps that can substantially improve website performance.

Plugins :
Most of the websites are flooded with unwanted plugins and getting rid of them greatly increase the speed of the website. Pay close attention to the number of plugins and retain them only if they are necessary.

Images :
Larger size images hinder the loading of website, so the image size need to be reduced through compression and the right format of the image has to be chosen for better performance. Try to utilize CSS and reduce images wherever possible.

Browser Caching :
Caching allows the browser to store important information of the website for future views, this reduces the server communication thereby increasing the speed of the website..

Reduce Redirects :
Redirects results in additional HTTP requests and it slows down the website eventually, so redirects need to be properly handled for efficient performance.

Content delivery networks need to be used if the website serves content to its visitors, this will help in serving the content better rather than acccessing the server each and every time.

Advertisements :
If you are aiming at monetizing the website through advertisements, make sure there are right number of ads in display, too much of advertisements decreases loading speed of the website and increases clutter.

Minify Code :
For increasing the speed of the website, it is essential to minify the HTML,CSS and JS files and make sure they are lean and efficient for loading. There are several tools available for this purpose and make good use of them.Top of webpage should be used for css,bottom page for javascript.

Hosting :
Choose the right hosting server and location for your website because that plays a crucial role in the loading of the website. Any issues in the server will result in drastic increase in loading of the website.