5 Essential Tips to improve UX Design

Kumar      ui

User experience defines the ease,comfort and clarity of features provided to a user who is eyeing the product. It vitally deals with the customer satisfication in terms of improving the usability , ease of use  and providing pleasure during interaction with the product.In order to achieve good experience and to engage the user, designers have to incorporate some methodologies and research to gain the user attraction.Here are some UX ideas to make the user experience better.

1.Invite the user:

As the title encompasses the meaning, it is all about the users engagement with the application. It is important to know about the user’s motive within the App and make him to travel and guide him to reach the right destination by showing perfect directions. For example users will arrive to a website on several occasions like searching, gaming, video watching, learning and so on. Its designers job to pre-analyse the user needs within the website and to attain the user’s trustworthiness over the website

2.Pay attention to Client goals:

Its crucial for the designers to pay attention for the client goals.Give much more importance to client needs, because designers might work on their own perspective and it will certainly lead to confusion among the goals.So it is better to have a in-depth understanding of clients expectations and make a vibrant research over the project and deliver the best indeed.

3.Make clear and simple:

Make the design clear and simple.Don’t make the user to get confused over the application.Remove the  extra items which will  distract the users. Users need the things to be simple and fast. Make the user to predict the next action before clicking the button.

4.Make the  content sharper:

The headings and content play a major role in targeting the user attention. Using Keywords in titles will easily attract the user attention and make them easier to access site.The users will never read the whole content. Instead they will look at the content, take a glance and switch over. So it is advisable to make highlights, bold text for the titles and do not  prefer more complicated words. The terms should be easy and should be catchy.

5.Discuss the thoughts:

The Designer can’t make his own decisions to attain the perfect design.It is preferable,that the designer should discuss ideas,concept and patterns with the client and UI team and with  internal teams.Then the designer can apply the design and provide the best experience for the user and satisfying the client expectations.

How much ever be the product quality and features, if it fails on UX it will be doomed. So it is crucial to take up the UX aspect very seriously and bring out the best experience for the user.