How hiring an expert developer works to your best advantage

Narayanan      outsourcing

Across the world startup companies are mushrooming in every location trying to solve a problem through their innovative ideas. For any startup company software product becomes an important requirement to reach and service their end customers. The product may be a simple website, web application or mobile app.

So the startups try to fulfil their requirement for a product by approaching a company that delivers such services. Often they get bogged down by the sheer cost associated with the development. Bootstrapping companies cannot afford huge budget unless they receive funding and they can pitch for it only if they have a minimum viable product in hand. So they have to start the development of their product to proceed with their business. If they are able to identify an expert developer and utilize him they would be able to complete well within their budget.

The other classic issue faced by a startup company perennial change in the requirements of the product. The iterative nature of development could only suitably addressed with dedicated developer or a team. The product owners would also get an opportuity to try out various features,combinations and ideas without bothering about the problems of change request procedures and associated cost.

One may raise a question about the approach regarding the roles and processes involved in any development and argue how an expert can play multiple roles and perform related functions. Typically in a startup scenario the product owners are well aware of the UI/UX that needs to be implemented. Also they test all the functionalities vigorously for positive and negativoe cases before releasing. Since two important functions can be handled by product owners without much issues the expert can handle the construction and implementation of the product. Thus the hiring model will work to their fullest advantage.

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