Ways to increase Mobile App Reviews and Ratings

Narayanan      mobile-apps

Feedback and reviews are very important for any Mobile App to increase user downloads and also to enhance the features provided in the same. Hence it becomes imperative to receive reviews and ratings from users through innovative ways. There are some techniques that can be deployed for generating user reviews and thereby increase user downloads.

Ask for reviews
The users are not going to provide ratings and reviews unless they are explicitly asked for it, there should be a plugin that requests the user to rate the app at proper intervals. Without that, seldom users take the trouble to review the Apps and provide their opinions. Also in your play store app descriptions, kindly request the user to provide the feedback.

Make it easy
There should be an option "Rate it" available in the features menu of the App, when a user suddenly feels like providing a rating he should be able to do the same without any extra effort. That reduces the time spent on the activity and boosts user experience.

Give Something
If you can provide something in return for a user in exchange of a review/rating that really stimulates the user to take the time to review the App. It may be points, rewards or anything that adds value to the user.

Monitor and Reply
Once you have received reviews from users, do not let them lying there. Take effort to read each review and reply them properly, also improve the App based on the feedback and make sure things are working fine. This will also greatly improve feedback.

Also when you are promoting your App in channels such as Social Media, Blog, Emails and Websites communicate directly and indirectly that you are looking for reviews and that will also help.