Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mobile Apps

Narayanan      mobile-apps

Hybrid Apps are looked upon by huge number of people for the construction of mobile apps that can be deployed across platforms. We have tried to articulate the various advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Apps so that it can help in better decision making. 
Advantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps
Write Once, Run Anywhere
Hybrid Apps are essentially web apps, hence they can be developed and deployed in any of the platforms. This aspect stands as the huge advantage of Hybrid App, as the cost, effort and time of development gets reduced greatly. 
Quick development process
Hybrid apps utilize HTML5 and javascript as tools for development, as it does not need niche native app development skills it becomes easier and quicker to bring out the full blown App. Since most of the developers possess the knowledge of above mentioned tools the cost of construction gets lesser compared to native development.
Easy UI Integration
Hybrid apps tools helps in obtaining appealing user interface because of its nature and the process of UI integration gets easier relative to native apps.Again this factor also reduces the cost as the effort considerably reduces for a developer. 
Disadvantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps
UX Issues
Hybrid apps tend to present serious UX issues much to the dismay of the users. As they are essentially web applications under a native wrapper, the pages may load slower and operations may get delayed resulting in users abandoning the App.
Lesser Efficiency
As they are not directly interacting with the native operating system the Hybrid Apps performance will not be similar to a native App. During initial loading users may feel latency considerably causing frustration. As the app depends on the server for most of the data and operations the overall performance gets affected.
Lack of Native features
Mobile operating systems provide numerous features that can be directly accessed by the native apps resulting in better experience and performance.  But the Hybrid Apps lack this feature which makes their performance secondary to Native apps.