How to increase user retention for your Mobile Apps

Narayanan      mobile-apps

Nowadays building a mobile app has become lot easier but user retention and engagement has become difficult, so we have outlined some important activities that help you in the process.

Educate your Audience
If your App Store Optimization works properly, definitely your App will lure huge number of users across geographies. But often your analytics will show that people abandon the app immediately and exit out. Here comes into picture, the important aspect of educating and onboarding your user. There should be easy and clear guiding steps about the various functions of the App presented to the user. The user should not get lost and disinterested in the App after first open. Hence it is advisable to invest time and effort in this process as educating the user greatly helps in user retention.

People tend to prefer things to work according to their liking always and they expect it in their app experiences also. If your App provides personalized options to the user about display, sound, notifications and features, naturally users tend to retain the App in their phone for longer duration. Also this will increase sharing of the App resulting in more downloads and more retention.

Incentives for Audience
Providing incentives to your user goes a long way in building user retention. Ranging from rewards,coupons,unlocking of features and discounts, there are several and different types of options available to incentivize users. Also actions like honoring the users with titles, showcasing their in-app achievements to fellow users and declaring winners help increase user retention tremendously.

Everyone knows that people like playing games and winning gives them pleasure, hence employing game mechanics intelligently to non-game experiences increases user engagement and satisfaction significantly. If an App accomplishes gamification properly the user retention will elevate greatly and also sharing of the App gets increased.

Building a community of App users may take longer time but the effort reaps greater benefits across several parameters for an App. Social media pages of the community often reminds people about the App and encourages them to open and utilize Apps driving retention. Interaction within the community improves knowledge and awareness about the App among users and acts as a great boosting factor.