Advantages of Mobile App over Mobile Website

Narayanan      mobile-apps

Most of the times there arises a question to develop a Mobile App or Mobile website for a business, here we have detailed some inherent reasons for building a mobile App over a mobile website.

User Engagement
Mobile App provides significantly greater engagement for users with its immediate accessibility through icons, uncluttered user interface and controlled actions. User sees the presence of App in his mobile and tends to use often resulting in greater usage and retention.

Mobile App provides instant notifications to the user without any disturbance, which further drives engagment from the users. Notifications offer major advantage over mobile websites.

Mobile Apps offer better monetization benefits through advertisements than a mobile website because of the retention and possibility of frequent usage.

Mobile App are significantly efficient than browser based mobile websites in terms of speed, storage, communication with server etc. The possibility of working offline also adds to its advantages.

Mobile device leverage
Mobile Apps greatly leverage the various features of mobile devices such as Camera, GPS, Phone, Messaging that greatly reduces the complexity and saves the time for a user. These are not possible with browser based mobile websites.

Mobile Apps are less vulnerable for attacks which adds to their merits and any business would like to have more security for their data. They allow the business processes to be defined without any fear of security issues.

We could see that the Mobile Apps provide definitive advantages over Mobile websites and building an app offers more benefits for a business.