5 powerful ways to increase User Engagement in Mobile Apps

Narayanan      mobile-apps

User engagement has become a very crucial factor for any Mobile App today, without that any App would get forgotten by the user and eventually lose its edge. So it is necessary to take care of engagment seriously and work towards improving the same. There are certain factors that can greatly help in user engagement, if implemented properly.
Push Notifications
Push notifications are an important feature for an app and that has to be definitely implemented in it. Only when a user see the notification he gets reminded about the App and its utility. When an App pushes reminders about the most relevant content for a user, they can hardly ignore the message and instantly it makes them engage with the App.
Deep Links
When a user responds to a Notification message, it has to be made sure that he gets to directly reach the page related to the message. It would be discouraging to wade through several options to reach the page. Hence deep linking has to be enabled for the user to reach the page instantly.
In App Notifications
There should be a definite menu item for In App notifications with proper alert symbols to indicate information/announcements about the App to the user. When there is a red colored alert shown in the App it becomes a compelling factor for the user to click and read the message. The user engagment increases greatly at this point and psychologically the user feels connected with the App.
Easy Contact options - Share, Rate and Review 
The App user should be able to convey information or feedback to the App developers and there should be simple and easy options for communication. In Content Apps then there should be a definite share button for the user to pass it on to his friends quickly. There should be a provision for rating the App because ratings and reviews plays an important role in App downloads. 
Engaging Features
If the features are not engaging to the user, how much ever we try there will not be engagement from users. It becomes imperative to identify and implement features that instantly engages with the user. If the App serves content, then that should be most relevant,useful and provoking for engagement.
So any app developer should have the above features for increasing the engagment of users greatly. If that happens downloads and revenue from the App will follow like a stream.