Top Analytics Tools for Mobile App Development

Narayanan      digital-marketing

As the reign of mobile phones gets widened ,the apps gets populated more and more in the play store. So it is important for the Business makers and developers to know the insights about their product growth and performance in the market. To determine those data and values,mobile analytics tools are introduced. In this blog some of the most important mobile analytics tools and their features are discussed to find out the user experience and performance over the apps.


Flurry is a free mobile analytics tool that was acquired by yahoo in the year 2014.The tool has many inbuilt features like Events, Funnels, Retention, Segments, interest, demographics, user Acquisition Analytics to demonstrate the clear progression of the applications .Events tracks the user actions and funnels describes about the user progress and find out the conditions where the user is facing off the issues with the app. Retention provides the details about the percentage of users engaged with the app.As the name insists,Segments deals with analyzing different group of users and their differences in terms of usage and behavior over the app .Flurry tracks applications in different kinds of platforms like iOS,Android,windows,Blackberry and cross platforms.

2.Google analytics:

Google analytics is a free  analytics tool used for both mobile website and apps.The tool is used to track both iOS and android apps.The mobile app behaviour is one of the features in which the events like app crashes and performance are measured. The Audience feature differentiates users by tracking the new users and returning users over the app.Through the tool we can find out the brand, phone model,operating system of the device ,in which the user access the app. The tool is integrated with the admob.

3.Apple app analytics :

The Apple’s app analytics tool is free and included the system based analytics data since the advent of iOS 8 .The tool exclusively displays both the sales Metrics and usage Metrics.

The app analytics key features includes:

Filters:Filters can be added with the app to extract the data to the targeted metric like sessions and the so data can be listed.

Sources:Through sources, top websites and top campaigns from which the users gets connected to the app can be derived .The App sales,usage and monetization of users can also be found through sources.

Retentions:Retention provides the data about the usage of the app for the specific interval of time.It shows the information about the purchase date,devices,retention period and retained devices.


MixPanel has both free and paid versions. The tool can also be used to analyze for both website and app analytics.It exactly shows real time data analysis and the usage of app data and also for the website link.The features like engagement measures the users actions and Retention reports about the users traffic with the app.Through Funnel we can track the reasons behind the user’s drop. The tool also provides the detailed information about in app purchase,new user’s account and maintains the app statistics. Mixpanel can be used to track both android and iOS apps.


Appsee is a paid analytics tool used for both iOS and android.The Appsee’s online dashboard gives reports on multiple sessions or single experience,at a time.The tool has enormous features like sessions recording and playback,touch heatmaps,crash recordings,in-app analytics.

User recordings:

The highlight within appsee is that we can see the real user experience actions by capturing every screen,swipe actions with video recording by using the sdk integrated into the app,so that the problem exactly faced by the user can be pointed out.

Real time in-app analytics:

The feature provides the information about user behavior about the app and insights like screen, in which the user spent most time and high quit rate.

Conversion funnels:

It measures the conversion rate to study the consequences behind the app success and failure .The tool detects the crashes and provides the video recordings for the crashes.