8 Basic tips to improve App Store Optimization

Kumar      digital-marketing

Since apps count get increasing in stores , the job of the marketers get more complex to make the app safer and to occupy a better position in the app store.App store optimization or ASO is the process of improving the visibility of the apps in the store and to raise the ranking of the app to the top in the search results page.To optimize the apps in  store, marketers should know the indepth details about the features insisted in the App Store optimization .In this blog we have discussed about the app store optimization tips in detail.

1.Know your customer’s expectations:

It is essential to know about the customer needs within the app.Analyse the customer’s behaviour about the keyword search and sketch proper keywords list. Have a detailed look about the competitor’s app and target their keyword approach to gain more traffic to the app.

2.App name:

The app name act as an important aspect for the app store optimization.Include keywords in the title,so that the ranking of the app get raised.The app name should be clear and it should convey the message what the app does.Do not include any special characters in the app name.Avoid stuffing of keywords in the app title.The app name be user friendly.

3.Effect of Keywords:

The space allotted for the character keyword field will be different for the app stores .Within the given allotted space,the title and the description should be mentioned with the keywords.Apart from inserting keywords in the description,it is important that the customers should be able to understand the app purpose in an efficient manner.

4.A clear description:

The app description should be simple and effective .Give the unique benefits about your app and make the reader to download it. Certainly there should be keywords in the description and induce the customers that it meets their needs and expectations.Make the description size to be concise.For each update,alter the description and so it reflects the change in the app rankings.

5.An unique icon:

The customers might scroll the apps till the end of the page ,and if the icons found to be attractive and interesting then there will be an opportunity to increase in the count of downloads. Icons should deliver the app’s purpose for the customers. 

6.Off page optimization:

Beyond several on-page factors,Off page for app store optimization paves more way to gain more traffic to the app store.The higher traffic increases the rank in the search results. The promotion can be done by conducting social media marketing,blogs and through online advertising.

7. Screenshots and videos:

Images and videos explains the story better than text.So it is vital to make the screenshots and video to gain more downloads.The customers can view the approach of the app easily before downloading. 

8 Ratings and feedback:

The app store provides rating and feedback option to the apps.To refine  the quality of the app in a better way positive reviews are essential ,which will raise the rankings of the apps to the top positon in the store.