Seven ways to improve your SEO Onpage Optimization

Kumar      digital-marketing

OnPage optimization plays an important role in deciding the SEO ranking of a website and there are number of factors that has to be considered for achieving optimization of the various web pages. Lets us see the ten crucial factors related to onpage optimization.
Page Title : As page titles are very important for SEO, we need to spend enough time to include proper keywords in the title. Since title gets displayed in search results and eventually receives the attention of visitors that has to properly reflect the propose of the website/webpage.
Meta Descriptions : Meta descriptions are often ignored by people but they find a place in the search results so it becomes mandatory to write a perfect description with all important keywords
Meta Keywords : Meta keywords provides a unique place to list down all the important keywords pertaining to the website and this item has to be written properly for effective SEO ranking.
URL Structure : Each page would have a URL and it would be great to have a sensible one with search phrase keywords. This will help the search engine to crawl the website better and display in results.
Images : Images play an important role in the website and naming the images with proper keywords results in their display during searches. Including alt text and descriptions will further help.
Internal Linking : Internal linking of pages within the website plays a very crucial role for the search engine to properly identify and index the contents of a website. This also helps the visitors to navigate the website better.
Keyword density : Google and other search engines seriously look at the content presented in the website for indexing, hence the amount of (non-intrusive) keywords present in the pages definitely functions as an important criteria for ranking.
Apart from the above factors the user interface, usability, page speed, keyword density and content also decide the ranking of the website substantially, only when you attend to all of the above visibility can be expected.