Seven Email Marketing mistakes you should avoid

Kumar      digital-marketing

Sending without unsubscribe option
The biggest mistake that marketers tend to commit in email marketing is sending without a proper unsubscribe option in the email. This really irritates the receiver and greatly reduces the image of the sender to that of a spammer. It is mandatory to have unsubscribe feature in the email that immediately takes action incase of subscription removal.

Ignoring Mobile viewers
With the huge explosion of mobile devices, emails are often checked in smart phones and tablets. If an email is not optimized for mobile usage certainly it will reach the trash of the user. So make sure that the email is properly received in mobile devices.

Sending frequent emails
While doing email campaigns it has to be clearly noted that too many emails are definite source of problem for your list. Soon you can see that subscriber numbers have significantly reduced because of the frequest intrusions. One has to be extremely careful in defining the frequency of emails for better ROI.

Not automating your email campaigns
Many issues can be resolved if you can automate the email marketing process with tools such as Mailchimp,Send blaster etc. This makes the process seamless and also the email will look professional and clutterfree.

Unimpressive subject lines
Subject lines of an email provides the crucial information about the content of it to the user. They should tempt the user to open the Email and not otherwise. Well thought subject lines receive best open rates from receivers.

Boring content
The content of the email should be simple, elegant and carefully prepared and all the essential elements should be available at right places. It should focus on the user who receives the email and highlight the benefits offered to them.

Not linking with website
When a user opens the email and reads the content, they tend to click the links to visit the website and obtain more information about the company and offering. If the user finds that the content does not link with any website there will be sudden drop in interest and action. Ensuring that the content links to the website surely provides good results.