Seven Donts when using facebook for your business

Kumar      digital-marketing

1. Do not use dummy accounts for maintaining your pages because if facebook feels that your account looks suspicious, they may terminate your account resulting in severe loss of connections and rebuliding all of them would be a nightmare.  
2. Do not share your content in many groups because facebook will ban you from posting for a specific period and that may render your promotions and traffic in a disarray.
3. Do not be complacent while creating adverts in facebook, be very careful in your targeting of audience, campaign period and budget, otherwise you may lose money but not get any tangible results.
4. Do not post very frequently in your pages as that may drive your audience to unsubscribe from your page, instead focus on creating valuable and interesting content and post them on regular intervals. 
5. Do not leave the page idle for long time without any posts as that will be detrimental to your fanbase and also facebook would show your posts to lesser people when you start reposting. 
6. Do not use bad grammar or spelling in your posts as people generally dislike content with errors, take due care and make sure that your content gets verified properly fro proper language.
7. Do not exclude mobile users when you post content and create adverts as the mobile facebook usage has become massive across the world and excluding them will lead to huge audience.
Facebooks stands as one of the major social media for business promotions and knowing how to use that medium will be a definite booster for your marketing and promotional actions.