How to use Social Media to increase your SEO ranking?

Narayanan      digital-marketing

Every marketer in today's world knows that Social Media impacts the reach of a product or brand in phenomenal ways. Here one very important point worth mentioning would be, Social media also influences SEO ranking of a website greatly and presence in social media boosts the likelihood of appearances in searches substantially. Google wants to provide the most relevant results for searches and works in more than several ways to achieve the desirable outcome.

Generally social media distributes content virally, here we need to notice that the content will spread in Social Media only if it touches upon the audience. That becomes an important factor for Google to assess the quality of the content and as we know Google wants to provide the most desired content in its searches, so obviously Social Media plays an important role in Google ranking of websites.

Let us see the various social media channels and how they can help a website to gain ranking in SEO and thereby get traction in visitors and eventually increase engagment for their content.

Facebook happens to be the most widely used Social Media across the world and they strive their best to provide several tools, create strategies and techniques to keep their audience hooked up. We can create engaging content and images appended with our website links and post them in facebook groups, pages. People tend to click the links in the posts and that directly increases organic visits to your website, when thousands of people click the link, naturally google notices the surge in visitors and indexes the same.

Twitter though gets used by most of the celebrities and politicians as a channel for communication, it also has tremendous number of users because of the crisp content and clutter free interface. Google takes twitter seriously and any content that gets virally shared or trending in it will be gaining importance from Google and start appearing in its searches.

Though text forms the highly created content in internet it cannot defeat an image that conveys the meaning in fraction of a second. Pinterest being an image platform houses thousand of images as pins in its boards. Whenever users search for images in google, Pinterest content appears in the top results because of its uniqueness and reach.

Whatsapp stands as the most widely used Chat platform across the world and interestingly Whatsapp plays a crucial role in increasing the ranking of any website. Being a mobile platform whatsapp has surpassed all the social media in usage and it has got widespread adoption across gender,age and location. Whatsapp also has groups and content posted in groups gets widely shared in rapid fashion. So a website link present in a whatsapp post gets clicked and viewed in their mobile devices thereby highly increasing its google ranking greatly.

Google+ being the social platform from Google, naturally gets preferential treatment and any post shared in Google+ gets better attention from the search engine and stands a good chance in indexing and improvement of ranking. So it is crucial to post in Google+ groups and pages with proper navigational links and that will have definite impact in SEO.

So it is clear that the Social Media plays an important role for a website ranking and capitalizing the potential of the same will result in definite increase in visitors organically through searches.