How images immensely contribute for your digital promotions

Kamalakannan V      digital-marketing

Images are one of the important medium used in Internet for communication,marketing,presentation,tutoring and so on. Historically people tend to develop affinity towards images, reinforced by the saying "Picture worth 1000 words". This holds good in this internet age also, with more and more websites,apps,blogs and other channels created and dedicated to hold image content alone. There are huge number of followers for such medium and its growth also increases by leaps and bounds over time.
Ever since digital marketing came to the centre stage for promotional activities the world of images has got revolutionized so much. Almost all social media websites provide provision for uploading,viewing, commenting and sharing images. Websites and blogs are supposed to hold images at a specific ratio to attract and retain viewers. Let us analyze how images are crucial for the promotion of your digital channels.
Mobile Apps : 
Mobile Apps are the most important element used by smartphone users for various different activities. Every day thousands of Apps get released in App store and there is fierce competition to get the attention of users for downloads. In an App image are most important constituents in the form of icons, banners, screenshots and advertisements and screen backgrounds. The user judges the app with the images present in the App, because of this reason App Store Optimization assigns huge weightage to image assets and digital marketing experts 
Websites :
Websites are normally filled with a large number of images in the form of Logo, banners, icons, pictures, and infographics. Users searching for specific keywords tend to click the link and enter the website and the presence of proper imagery increases the retention on the website. They help the user to understand the content quickly and evaluate the entity correctly. Also, images play an important role in Search engine optimization, they help in the ranking of the website and also they get displayed during image searches.
Blogs :
Blogs are one of the important marketing instrument because they help in articulate the specific merits of an entity clearly, the more number of unique blogs will  increase the reliability and trust. But images are the crucial components that increases the authenticity,understandabilty and clarity in Blog content. The SEO of the blogs also get augmented through the presence of suitable image content. When the blogs gets shared the images are shown prominently attracting traffic which increases promotions
Social Media :
Social Media gets immersed with massive amount of images and there are media like Instagram, Pinterest,Flickr etc dedicated for the purpose of posting images. Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp also receive huge pictorial content that gets shared widely among its users. These images also improve the google ranking which indirectly improves the promotions and marketing. Social media advertisements also contain images mandatorily for the purpose of grabbing attention from the users and increasing the CTR.
The above notes shows the significance of images and pictures in the digital world, hence there should be greater care and attention during the creation and distribution of images in the various channels. Also the stale content need to get renewed at regular intervals so that the freshness remains and attracts the visitors. So the awareness about the images becomes mandatory for Digital asset owners and marketers, only then the desired results in marketing can be achieved.