How Awstats analytics is used to analyze the website?

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AWStats is a  web analytics tool which is used to analyse and report  the website data to provide the detailed report  about the user engagement with the application. AWStats analyzes the server logs and data from internet services like world wide web, web services,streaming media,mail and FTP Servers.The data will be given as the reports with graphics like tables and bar charts.In this blog we will discuss about the analytic terms that are exposed with AWstatistics. If you understand the terms provided below, you will be able to derive lot of analytical information for your website analytics.

1.Last update:

It shows the date and hour when the statistics have been updated.To see the current data and the information ,a simple click on the button is required.

2.Reported Period:

The Reported period is used to choose the month in which the information is needed  to view the statistics.For yearly statistics select “year”.


Summary is a table which displays the number of visits for the particular period of time.The table has two rows namely Traffic viewed and Traffic not viewed.

Traffic viewed: No of visits registered from regular viewers.

Traffic not viewed: No of visits  to the pages ,including search robot,crawl bots or replies with special HTTP status code.

4.Unique visitors:

Unique visitors represents the no of visitors who have accessed the website.This can be tracked  through the IP addresses.If multiple users access the website through the same  IP address then it will be considered as a single unique visitor.  

5.Number of visits:

Total number of visits to the website by the specific period of time.If a user visits the site and come back to visit 5 more times,then total no of visits is 6.The visits/visitor ratio is useful to determine how many of users are returning to your website.


Total number of pages viewed by the visitors in the website.


The file requested by the visitors .The file may be of any type like images,documents pages etc.A file of any type-accessed in site If a page like index.php has 4 other documents+1 image no of hits is 7.This is not useful and  More attention should be given to unique visitors and number of visits .


Bandwidth describes how much data is being loaded from the website.i.e how much byte is loaded.if index.html has 50 Kb of text,2 images of 25KB and 25 kb then it generates totally 100 KB of bandwidth.

9.Countries(Top 25):

This terms describes about the list of 25 countries from which the website has been accessed.

10.Hosts(Top 25):

The Hosts(Top 25 ) consists of list of top 25 host names or IP addresses that have accessed the website.Through this we can easily track the users accurately.

11.Authenticated users(Top 10):

The Authenticated users are the no of visitors who have accessed the password protected directories in the website.

12.Robots/spiders visitors(Top 25):

Search engine uses the Robots and spider to index the websites on the internet. The statistics  shows the date and time when the bots visited , and the amount of bandwidth it consumed indexing or crawling your website.


It describes the average amount of duration that visitors have spent on the website.


The page-Url shows the list of different urls in which  the visitors accessed most.This statistics is used to determine the pages where the user traffic and interest is high and low.

15.Connect to site from:

This statistics discuss about the inbound links that linked your site.Through the link building more traffic will be received and also the page rank in the search engine will also get improved.

16.Search Keyphrases and Search Keywords:

Awstats analyzes and displays the list of keywords and keyphrases that are searched by the viewers.Along with keywords the no of visits and the corresponding pages are also listed.

The above analytic terms are used to find out the accurate details about the progress of the website and will be a great way tool achieve the business goals.