Five essential factors in designing a professional website

Narayanan      digital-marketing

A website forms the online identity of any entity, be it a company, organization, business, government or nonprofit. The design of the website needs to handle certain crucial factors and we have listed them here.

The layout of the website has to be properly chosen according to the nature of the entity it represents, at the same time the website has to follow recent design trends so as to captivate the users. The layout should be comfortable and compatible across different screen sizes ranging from projectors, computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The images of the website provides the richness and glory to any website, it pays to spend time in choosing the right images with proper size and resolution. The images should be spread across the website so that the user can understand better and perform actions.

The color of the website needs huge attention as that plays an important role in user interface, the background color, text color, heading color and other colors should be properly chosen so that visibility gets increased.

The fonts are important factors in enhancing readability and user interface, the text fonts and header fonts play crucial role in displaying the content of the website. So according to the nature of the website the font should be used with suitable colors.

Buttons, icons, links, menus and other similar features also are very important for a website and they have to be carefully added without affecting any other factor. Ofter users will do actions using these elements and they need appropriate attention and care.