6 Effective ways to boost eCommerce traffic

Kamalakannan V      digital-marketing

Many businesses choose the eCommerce route to sell their products and they have a variety of reasons. Once the basic infrastructure for the eCommerce website gets established the question of traffic comes into the picture, because without that we will not have any clue or direction to move forward. After establishing a digital presence by using SEO, blogs and social media, any website would be receiving the traffic, but the question of conversion will surface its head. That would be the moment where we need to think about some unique strategies that have to implement for achieving the objective. Here come a few important ones that are proven to be successful.   

Influencer marketing

Across all social media, we would be able to find influencers with a huge fan following, earned overtime with their blend of interesting posts on various subjects. Our eCommerce should definitely fall under categories such as fashion, food, film, books, electronics etc. We need to identify the right influencer for our product based on the target market and strike a deal with him for promoting our products through some posts. This way we can reach quickly to his audience and the endorsement of the influencer creates a positive impression about the company and its products. Branding gets increased because of the greater visibility and any viral activity that may result would be an additional bonus.

Press releases
Press releases play a crucial role in the promotional direction of any eCommerce company, branding establishment, visibility, reputation and endorsement for an entity gets affected by them. Also, they serve as powerful backlinks and immensely help during search engine optimization. It becomes essential to approach this method carefully with proper planning and base work. If it gets executed correctly the cumulative returns are enormous and that would be crystal clear when measuring the conversions.
Instagram Marketing
Instagram has gained tremendous popularity among eCommerce companies because it removes clutter and makes things obvious and easy for customers. This media has attracted all age group of people, particularly women and that translates to a potential instrument for marketing the products using images. Since it is an app based platform there are added advantages for both companies and users. Instagram stands in competition with facebook for social media referral especially in case of shopping websites.
Inorganic Marketing
Inorganic digital marketing plays an important role in identifying the target markets clearly for the products and also for increasing the branding and visibility factors, every eCommerce company must consider the inorganic marketing using the right channel. Also during several instances, we may need to do remarketing and this instrument greatly helps in the process. 
User reviews
People tend to look for a product of their choice online, after finding them available in store, they start scrutinizing the features and benefits but before deciding the purchase they tend to look for opinions from other users of the same product. So reviews from the existing customers act as an important catalyst in the purchase decision of customers. So an eCommerce store should have provision for receiving reviews from customers and also prominently display them in the website for visitors to view them. Even if we receive negative reviews, they should be responded positively which increases customer confidence.
Recently video marketing has gained a lot of popularity among customers as they are interesting, quick to understand and visually appealing. During organic searches in google, videos are displayed in the search results which increases the product reach to wider audience. Also, people share interesting videos on social media channels among their colleagues, friends and family. So any viral video content would be a jackpot to the eCommerce company resulting in greater revenue and branding.