The Realm Mobile Platform

Rajesh K      android

The Realm Mobile Platform is a next-generation data layer for applications. Realm is reactive, concurrent, and lightweight, allowing you to work with live, native objects.

The core concept of the Realm Mobile Platform is a lightweight object container called a Realm. Like a database, data in Realms can be queried and filtered, interconnected, and persisted. Unlike a traditional database, though, objects in Realms are live and fully reactive. Realms synchronize seamlessly between devices and applications, and can be accessed safely across threads.

      1. The Realm Mobile Database

The Realm Mobile Database is built from the ground up to run on mobile devices. Unlike a traditional database, objects in a Realm are native objects. You don’t have to copy objects out of the database, modify them, and save them back—you’re always working with the “live,” real object. If one thread or process modifies an object, other threads and processes can be immediately notified. Objects always stay in sync.

The Realm Mobile Database is open source (using the Apache license) and cross-platform, with libraries available for Android, iOS, Xamarin (.NET), and React Native. Realms are fully interchangeable between platforms.

You can use the Realm Mobile Database all on its own. But to take full advantage of the Mobile Platform, pair it with the Realm Object Server.

The Realm Mobile Database is available for Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Xamarin, React Native, and Node.js, listed are some of the features of it.

  • Mobile-first: Realm is the first database built from the ground up to run directly inside phones, tablets and wearables.

  • Simple: Data is directly exposed as objects and queryable by code, removing the need for ORM's riddled with performance & maintenance issues. Plus, we've worked hard to keep our API down to very few classes: most of our users pick it up intuitively, getting simple apps up & running in minutes.

  • Modern: Realm supports easy thread-safety, relationships & encryption.

  • Fast: Realm is faster than even raw SQLite on common operations, while maintaining an extremely rich feature set.