Kotlin for Android App Development

Kamalakannan V      android

Kotlin has been declared as an Official language for Android and it has created great interest among Android developers across the world, it is an open source language and offers several important features thus making life easier. We are going to attribute some major advantages of Kotlin in this article.

Kotlin helps in faster App development as it eradicates approximately 20% coding lines which saves the time and effort. This reduces the file sizes, increases readability, productivity and efficiency. Also, code review also gets easier with less amount of it.

Kotlin can be learned pretty fast as it is simple and modern when compared to Java. But since it offers more power, developers can capitalize that and deliver better Apps and functionality.

Also, it offers interoperability with Java, so libraries, frameworks of Java can be used freely in projects. And it is integrated fully with Android Studio which helps in a seamless transition in very less time. Android Studio support has been very strong for Kotlin due to its makers and this would be a major advantage for developers to switch over.

Kotlin is a mature language as it went through several alpha and beta releases before coming out in public, hence reliability would be more in comparison with others. Because of multiple versions and stability, the problems are less and most of the features work as expected.

Kotlin offers features such as Lambda expressions, Null safety, Operator Overloading and many others that are not available in Java. Developers can utilize these in their Apps to their best advantage. Also, Kotlin removes several issues faced in Java and makes life easier. It has been claimed that Pinterest, Uber, Coursera, Atlassian, and Evernote are using Kotlin for their development.

Kotlin has arrived now into the Android Arena and has stirred a lot of anxiety, interest, and enthusiasm among Android community across the world. We have to wait a little longer to know Kotlin will spread its wings as Kotlin can be used for both frontend and backend of web development as well.

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