How should you build a Mobile App

Narayanan      android

With the number of Mobile Apps in stores reaching millions and the number of downloads reaching billions there appears a clear trend of sustained demand for Apps and growth of App users. That provides a lucrative opportunity to earn money by building Apps and launching in the stores. Before venturing into the App business, we need to have proper insight and knowledge about the steps involved.

The first step would be to perform a thorough research to choose the specific niche in which the App has to be created. This involves extensive study about the market, demographics and spending pattern of App users. Once we identify the area then comes the features of the App.

The features that need to be provided for the users should be outlined and validated, here the point to be noted would be the minimalistic approach. One cannot build an App with n number of features, without knowing the reception and feedback of users. So there should be one important and necessary feature in the App with some additional sub features.

After building the App it needs to be tested for functionality, robustness and compatibility. Once the App looks ready for launching, then comes the important part of promotional items creation. There should be an attractive icon, banner and screen shots for the app and a well thought title, short and long description to provide adequate knowledge to the users.

With the above items, you are ready for launching in the stores, once the store approves the App, users will start downloading the App. At this juncture it becomes crucial for the App owner to monitor the reviews, ratings and feedback to identify the bugs, issues faced by the users. Note that it needs atleast five updates after launch to stabilize the App. 

Once the App reaches a decent number of downloads we can think of monetizing the same and that needs a separate blog discussion.