About Us

Thulirsoft is about the people. Our clients, employees and partners are at the core of our business. The entire team at Thulirsoft works very hard to attain success for all our clients, because we succeed when they succeed. Open and transparent communication guides each step of our company, before, after and during a sale. We strive hard to promote services and products that meet our client’s needs and requirements. We aim to make long term relationships, by fulfilling our client’s expectations.

Our Strengths:


What makes us so good and stand out from the rest of the companies in this industry are our years of experience and expertise. At Thulirsoft, every individual is hired for driving passion that they possess for their work. Consequently, you get added benefit of new and fresh ideas with highly skilled approach.

Customer Orientation

A business is defined by how good its clients think about it. Thulirsoft is no different. It is because of our dedicated services, that we are at this position and all our customers appreciate us. We plan each and everything from prices to services, keeping our customers benefit in mind.


We follow a very transparent policy in ThulirSoft with respect to our services, costs and support. We make sure that we convey everything to our customers and make them well informed about our offerings, practices and deliverables.

Our Values:

Our values are business ethics, honesty, eco friendly practices and creation of wealth for all of our stake holders.